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  • What medium do use for your work?
    I use acrylic paint to create all of my pieces. I find that it dries quickly and allows me the flexibility to thin out my colors as much as possible.
  • What paint brand(s) do you use?
    I don't stick to one brand in particular but the ones in heavy rotation are Golden, Master's Touch, and Liquitex.
  • What does your name mean and how do you pronounce it?
    Ustena can be spelled in various ways such as Yustina, Youstina, Yostina, Ustina, Justina, etc. It honors a Coptic Orthodox saint and is most common in Egypt. Read her story here. It's like saying "Christina" but instead of saying "Chris", say "you" you-steena
  • Do you offer refunds on booked Arabic calls?
    Refunds cannot be issued on the 1 on 1 booked Arabic calls. If there is an issue with scheduling, please email me and we can reschedule a different time frame that works for you.
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